Biometric systems are at the forefront of security technologies

The Biosmart s.r.o. Engineering company will present its complex solutions in the field of information and technical security at Security Essen exhibition. In the period from September, 25 to 28 of 2018, the participants will get acquainted with the technologies of biometric identification regarding effective protection of data, establishing of access-control mode, and accounting of employees, as well as restricting access to the staff-only premises. The Biosmart s.r.o. company specialists will explain the advantages of the methods of identification by fingerprints and vein palms patterns, actively being introduced into the world markets, and will demonstrate the key developments to improve the level of safety at work.

Security Essen is the world’s largest trade fair for civil security, which will be held in Essen (Germany) in 2018 the 20th-termer. In the city’s Congress centre, the equipment and integrated solutions for 16 thematic areas will be presented – from fire safety, video surveillance till cybersecurity technologies to prevent terrorism. Within the event, Biosmart’s.r.o will place its own exposure, representing the functionality of the equipment manufactured. There will be located the following devices on the stand:

  • The PV-WTC terminal. Designed for organizing the access mode and generating systems of time tracking by unique biometric features of one’s vein palms patterns and RFID cards.
  • BioSmart UniPass Controller. Designed to work as part of BioSmart network controlling system and access managing. Allows to organize the access mode by the vein palm patterns and RFID cards.
  • The palms veins reader PV-WM. Established to identify users by their vein palms patterns and RFID cards. Works based on the technology of image acquisition in infrared light of a specific wavelength. Connected to BioSmart UniPass controller via USB interface.
  • The BioSmart WTC2 terminal. Used to establish accounting systems of working time via the identification of employees by their fingerprints and RFID cards. An optical scanner is used in the terminal, having its reliable protection from scratches and chips that allows installation at sites with a large number of users.
  • BioSmart Prox-E Controller. Works as part of BioSmart Access Control System and allows to organize the access mode by fingerprints and RFID card via the BioSmart Mini readers.
  • Multi-format RFID card reader WR10.

The Biosmart s.r.o. equipment can be viewed and the experts can be asked at the stand # 3С127, Hall 3.

The Security Essen exhibition working hours: September, 25-27 from 9:00 to 18:00; September, 28 from 9:00 to 16:00.